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  • Working Class Hero

    Working Class Hero

    Dutiful honey bee plying her trade. Drinking her nectar and loading her pollen basket, she works with intent. With energy and purpose she minds her craft. Even alone the hive is on the mind. Her community needs her; needs her singular focus to feed and to provide. To sustain the group. Bounding atop pistils by…

  • Courage to Grow

    Courage to Grow

    Hardship is inevitable. It comes sure as a summer storm. Negative energy builds, tensions rise only to bow to the pressure. The storm hits, emotions roil and churn, and then, at the nadir of the struggle, the onslaught slackens. The skies clear and we stand ready to learn, left only with the courage to grow.…

  • On Dark Matters of Contrast

    On Dark Matters of Contrast

    When I look upon this photo my mind sees the flowing movement of long grasses underwater. Submerged and swaying with the rush of the tide. It’s a balanced fluid motion, a soft rocking back and forth carrying us away to far off places. Relaxing spaces full of soft beds, kind hearts, and unbridled hope.

  • Streetlight Delight

    Streetlight Delight

    A boy’s fascination runs deep. For as long as I can remember streetlight worship of steady snowfall has been a most welcomed seasonal companion. Growing up obsessed with snow I would eagerly strike days from the calendar in anticipation of winter weather. Winter was magic, and snow the tangible proof. Countless hours I’ve spent whiling…

  • Tend Your Craft

    Tend Your Craft

    So this is how pots are made—or fired, anyway. Last night I dropped on by the old yacht club—Long Beach Island Foundation (not a yacht club). Ceramics lead guy and all around bearded fellow, Jeff Ruemeli, was working the soda kiln with an eager assistant whom I do not know well enough to use her…

  • Circular Motion

    Circular Motion

    Circular motion will be something of a recurring theme as we spiral toward the 2016 Labor Day Weekend along U.S. the eastern seaboard. Recently named Tropical Storm Hermine is spooling up in the Gulf of Mexico as she creeps slowly toward the Florida Panhandle. While it’s hardly locked down there’s growing consensus that after initial…

  • In The Abstract

    In The Abstract

    Real talk— This—black and white photography brought to life in shallow depth of field, presented in a brooding low key light on abstract terms—is my favorite type of photography. Yes, the sweeping landscapes are great, and I am far better technician than I am a creative right-braining on the more artistic side of the room; but there’s just something…

  • Darkest Light

    Darkest Light

    It’s been a good long while since I’ve made a black and white photograph. A quick look at the archive reveals other than a onetime blip back in April, it had been since August of 2015 that I had made a proper black and white. Too long! Interestingly enough this photograph was yesterday’s output of no…