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  • Generations Duet

    Generations Duet

    Last Saturday I took part in Fun(d) the Foundation. For the second year running and with Weather NJ playing host, volunteers cobbled together a fundraising soirée. The proceeds will benefit Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts and Sciences. The evening featured a curated buffet of local fare provided by several local eateries. It was […]

  • Tend Your Craft

    Tend Your Craft

    So this is how pots are made—or fired, anyway. Last night I dropped on by the old yacht club—Long Beach Island Foundation (not a yacht club). Ceramics lead guy and all around bearded fellow, Jeff Ruemeli, was working the soda kiln with an eager assistant whom I do not know well enough to use her […]

  • Circular Motion

    Circular Motion

    Circular motion will be something of a recurring theme as we spiral toward the 2016 Labor Day Weekend along U.S. the eastern seaboard. Recently named Tropical Storm Hermine is spooling up in the Gulf of Mexico as she creeps slowly toward the Florida Panhandle. While it’s hardly locked down there’s growing consensus that after initial […]

  • I’ve Been Searching for a Marsh of Gold

    I’ve Been Searching for a Marsh of Gold

    Vantage points matter. Not just in photography but in life as well. If we keep looking out at the Candy Land game board of human existence from the same height, the same level, we’re bound to miss out on new perspective and ostensibly new ideas. Our dice roles repeatedly coming up snake eyes and into the […]