Greg Molyneux—Behind the Lens

Artist Statement

Executing landscape and nature photography I work to share my appreciation of a world less touched by humanity. Specifically revealing the underrated natural beauty of New Jersey, my lifelong home. I am driven to produce visual evidence to disrupt New Jersey’s malign reputation of little more than suburban sprawl and highways.

Leaning on photography as a mental respite from everyday rigor, a simple workflow drives my philosophy. Loathe to overthink or over-conceptualize, I allow a natural response to my surroundings. This intuition dictates the process. From the field through edits, I work under a simple mandate to produce a photograph that best highlights the splendor of the place I call home.

Artist Bio

Over eight years in and photography strikes me still as a most unlikely passion. From humble beginnings New Year’s Day 2012, participating in a yearlong photo-a-day project, one I was certain I would quit, to where I am today—a maker of landscapes. Photography, an art I once berated with open scorn as an ignorant youngster who thought he could draw well enough, has manifest as the creative outlet I never knew I loved. Life is strange.

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  • Depress the Shutter. Originally written for Breaker Zine in 2017, it has been published here since World Mental Health Day in 2019. It is important we share our stories to defeat the stigma associated with depression and all mental illness. Updates were made for grammar and style.

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