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  • When the Night is Over

    When the Night is Over

    The long night of no photography is over. Months a plenty have come to pass since my heart was in it. I have to say it felt good getting back there. Sometimes you need to prove to yourself you can still do a thing.

  • Working Class Hero

    Working Class Hero

    Dutiful honey bee plying her trade. Drinking her nectar and loading her pollen basket, she works with intent. With energy and purpose she minds her craft. Even alone the hive is on the mind. Her community needs her; needs her singular focus to feed and to provide. To sustain the group. Bounding atop pistils by…

  • Tiny Dancer

    Tiny Dancer

    A daffodil macro photograph capturing the yellow blossom imitating a ballerina’s pirouette. Here we have nature mimicking art, though I suppose it is more correct to note it is art imitating nature.

  • Jane Says

    Jane Says

    I bought my home from my parents in October 2009. Built in 1993, my parents put in much work to cultivate a lovely yard through the years. Cue up yard work montage footage full of old clothes and dated hairstyle. And yes, I bought the house I grew up in. Under my ownership I have…

  • A Pearl in Winter

    A Pearl in Winter

    Antoinetta’s Waterfront Restaurant. My old stomping grounds. Undoubtedly one of my favorite locations to photograph. It holds sway as an idyllic bayside vista. She’s a fine structure worked in a modern Victorian motif. This joy of design stands tall at the east end of Cedar Run Dock Road. A seaside beauty for sure. Oh, and…

  • Nothing on the Top

    Nothing on the Top

    In most any work you attend you’re bound to hit the plateau. Elongated sessions of flat expense flanked by monotony—or worse yet—nothingness. It’s the grind. Lacking the mania and output of the peak, yet devoid the pain and failure of the valley. It’s an uneventful period of low growth. It’s difficult to parse lessons when…

  • It Starts My Mind Flowing

    It Starts My Mind Flowing

    The day broke clear. Northwest winds funneling crisp air across the coastal plain. One last battle in the fight between winter and spring. Unseen as it was. Sleeping late as usual the day made off with a quick start. Catch up after a long night redeeming Hyrule. I bounded about from laundry to bill pay,…

  • I Look at the Floor and I See it Needs Sweeping

    I Look at the Floor and I See it Needs Sweeping

    You’ll find no nature here. Only aged remains of a disued shack left to dereliction. What happens when we’re gone? When all else fades but the ruins of a life gone by? When the fire has gone out and time comes along to reclaim fashioned resources back to dust? Undefeated is time. The second law…

  • Fire on the Horizon

    Fire on the Horizon

    This photograph is raw. Hardly the polished HDR landscape propped up by a firm tripod and bracketed exposures I usually produce. Here things are basic and flawed. As intense golden hour light poured over the Cedar Run Dock Road marsh on Sunday I was having a ball walking around popping off single frame hand shot exposures. It’s…