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  • Blue Steps

    Blue Steps

    A serene blue hour settles in over disused docks and reflective, glassy bay water.

  • Overrun


    Heh—”Lovely Rita” just cued up as I began writing up this post. Things are looking up on what has otherwise been a rather pedestrian Saturday in the cellar cold that is February. So pedestrian, in fact, my right shoe found itself planted in some fresh dog poo as I was making sunset photos, but I…

  • Once More Unto the Breach

    Once More Unto the Breach

    People, can we take a moment to talk about this photograph? I try my best to avoid any and all self aggrandizement while beating my chest set atop a majestic horse who itself sets atop an ivory tower, but man, I am in love with this picture. Let’s start with the truthful reckoning: I in…

  • Still the Sirens Call

    Still the Sirens Call

    Listen with care to this, now, and a god will arm your mind. Square in your ship’s path are Seirênês, crying beauty to bewitch men coasting by; woe to the innocent who hears that sound! Lady Kirkê, in spite of her transformative machinations that rendered men into swine, offered warning to Odysseus when discussing possible…

  • We Face the Path of Time

    We Face the Path of Time

    I’m still basking in the glow of last night’s awesomesauce. And as much as I like the photograph posted last night, this one beats it out ever so slightly as far as I’m concerned. I realize we’re splitting hairs here and traipsing into the realm of subjectivity. But that’s all part of the fun—it doesn’t…

  • Ruinous Splendor

    Ruinous Splendor

    I — II — II — X . . . if roman numerals are your thing. How about tonight’s sunset, New Jersey? Conditions from Great Bay Boulevard were just about as good as it gets—30+ minutes of standout light play working off intricate cloud structures overtop reflective bay water. If air guitar’s your thing, now would…

  • The Great Gig in the Sky

    The Great Gig in the Sky

    One minute your sitting in the back of a four-door Jeep groovin’ on some tunes en route to the Chicken of the Egg to chow down on some wings, and the next minute your banging an emergency left somewhere in Spray Beach to make a mad dash to the beach for world class cloud ignition…

  • I’d love to see you in that dress

    I’d love to see you in that dress

    I’d be lying if I said I consciously set out to get this kind of shot. What started as a run of the mill macro shoot turned into a shot I’ll proudly claim as my own. Just looking—and falling into—this shot overwhelms me with flowing imagery; a striking ballerina spinning that stunning dress with a…

  • South-facing


    Taken back in late June 2013, thunderstorms rolled across the coastal plain that flank Dock Road on its north and south side. The light play interacting with heavy rainfall underneath the granite etched clouds had my heart running with excitement. I knew I was coming home with something good.