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  • Standard Orbit

    Standard Orbit

    The Longwood Gardens conservatory is a sight to behold. The crowning jewel atop acres of grounds fit for any court. It is here I encountered the majestic hanging baskets bursting with hydrangea paced about 20 feet apart. An orbital welcome, a floral chandelier guiding me about this aged, overground manse.

  • The Grind

    The Grind

    Tectonic forces do their work. Ploughing their inescapable hell slowly and without discrimination. They grind—hard. Such is their subtlety as to be motionless to the eye though with a power as immovable as gravity.

  • Peace and Pilings

    Peace and Pilings

    Subtle yet profound moments on the salt marsh deliver big healing. Where the wind takes a breath and the still waters turn to unbroken mirrored reflections. When the pastels glow peace between pilings you know your time is come.

  • Green Sight

    Green Sight

    Served here a dreamy 35mm photo of a lilac blossom. Shot wide open at f/1.4, it features soft focus and smooth bokeh, cross processed to a green hue. As we lose ourselves in the fantasy of this photograph, we muse upon our futures.

  • Love and Lilacs

    Love and Lilacs

    Love and lilacs. Lilacs and love. Pink and purple pastel beauties surpassed in sweetness only by their unmistakable perfume. Dating back to the ancient world purple marked out royalty.

  • The Collector

    The Collector

    Understanding the uncertain fate of the honey bee, a lynchpin species for prolific pollination needed in a balanced ecosystem, I am beyond pleased to have them feast upon my Black-eyed Susan flowers in numbers. Oh, and they make joyous macro photo subjects, too.

  • A Window to Winter

    A Window to Winter

    Fresh snow meets a fresh sunset played out at Stafford Forge Wildlife Management Area.

  • Adornment


    You know the grind. You feel it. It weighs heavy as you mire through life’s ebbs and flows. You cherish the highs and bury the lows. It’s in the space between you grind for purpose. Two steps forward. Two steps back. Captured in inescapable reality, caught in the throes of a fated cosmic dance. You…

  • Pinky Peony

    Pinky Peony

    I’m not one for literal titles yet here I am. Strange things, man, they happen. In their death throes now, my peonies had their proverbial moment in the sun in late May. Pink and glorious, oversized bulbous blossoms beautified my shrub bed with their bounty. Tissue paper petals bunched together in a gift package of…