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  • The April Fool

    The April Fool

    Moody 35mm photo of a yellow daffodil blossom evokes dreams of poetry, even if it a bit unwieldily. Here the photographer muses over the fools in life he assume they know it all.

  • On Dark Matters of Contrast

    On Dark Matters of Contrast

    When I look upon this photo my mind sees the flowing movement of long grasses underwater. Submerged and swaying with the rush of the tide. It’s a balanced fluid motion, a soft rocking back and forth carrying us away to far off places. Relaxing spaces full of soft beds, kind hearts, and unbridled hope.

  • Tiny Dancer

    Tiny Dancer

    A daffodil macro photograph capturing the yellow blossom imitating a ballerina’s pirouette. Here we have nature mimicking art, though I suppose it is more correct to note it is art imitating nature.

  • Daffodil Will

    Daffodil Will

    The pivot to spring you ask? More like the rusted cog seized in refusal to spin up spring. Mother Nature, have you no oil can? Have you no mercy? Despite a brief touch of warmth we have been summarily dismissed to low 40s, gloom, and biting winds. Winter in the Mid-Atlantic battles on. Another year,…

  • Spring Too Soon

    Spring Too Soon

    Eager for some more lens time, I photographed this daffodil earlier today. Chilling on the north side of my yard, it’s always my first flower to bloom—a clockwork messenger chiming to the first sounds of spring. A spring it seemed that was on with a vengeance this March. Seeing temperatures readily cracking 60, with several…

  • Soft Spot

    With the first turn in the weather, the calendar mandates it’s time I get back to my photographic roots. After a toddling period of crash course trial and error in the early days of 2012, flower photography quickly established itself as my go-to comfort spot behind the camera. It’s where I first felt some semblance…

  • Spring things

    With weather types talking up the threat of early Spring snow for folks in the northeast, I made sure to document that springlike lifeforms are in fact making their presence known. My front and side yards are both home to daffodils and they never fail to be the first to make the annual flora journey…