HDR sunset photograph looking sublime over the salt marsh.

Flip Side

HDR sunset photograph looking sublime over the salt marsh.
Flip Side — 14mm | f/8 | ISO 100 | 7 Bracketed Exposures

Baby, I’m a marsh man. I’m a marsh man, baby. This summer has shown off some scintillating moments out on the Cedar Run Dock Road salt marsh. I haven’t been there to capture all of them, but damn, I’ve managed to make the most of a quite a few—I’m not just talking photographs here, either. An idyllic amalgam of mild temperatures, a steady sea breeze wafting with it the unmistakable salt air that kisses your olfactory just so. Ahhhh… Then there’s the seabirds singing, the terrapin turtles crossing, and of course, the light show nature puts on as day transitions into night, painting cotton candy clouds with the unmistakable brushstrokes from the masterful hands of the ultimate artist. It’s pretty much perfect, you guys.

Wednesday, July 20, just so happened to be one of those nights. It all came together. Yeah, the green heads were there doing their green head thing, too, but for whatever reason they seem so spare me the worst of their attention. I tell ya, I can’t even attract a fly. Anyway, instead of my usual southwest post-up along the roadside, I hopped over the north side guardrail, into the rock bed, and got low for a north-by-northwest exposure. Having done this sunset things a few times now, I have a good sense when the flip side from the conventional sunset orientation will light up with plenty of pastel drama. This is great, too, as it affords me the opportunity to use the oxbow lake feature that forms as the estuary meanders around the marsh section you see featured in the middle ground. Couple this with a foreground of marsh grasses and you invite the viewer to come on in to a sublime summer sunset scene.

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