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  • Heaven Scent

    Heaven Scent

    Come for the dreamy lilac photograph that looks so good you can almost smell it, and stay for the haiku—it’s short by definition.

  • Green Sight

    Green Sight

    Served here a dreamy 35mm photo of a lilac blossom. Shot wide open at f/1.4, it features soft focus and smooth bokeh, cross processed to a green hue. As we lose ourselves in the fantasy of this photograph, we muse upon our futures.

  • Love and Lilacs

    Love and Lilacs

    Love and lilacs. Lilacs and love. Pink and purple pastel beauties surpassed in sweetness only by their unmistakable perfume. Dating back to the ancient world purple marked out royalty.

  • Lilac Boon

    Lilac Boon

    Few scents infuse the soul with the richness of lilac. It’s delicious perfume is only matched by the beauty of its floral blossoms. This photograph combines the lilacs appeal to both our sense of sight and smell. It is a gateway to breath and meditation.

  • Scent to Delight

    Scent to Delight

    As if summoned by the light of spring and carried upon the wind there came a smell so sweet. A crown of purple sat atop lilac bushes standing straight and proud about the marches of my backyard. A royal guard if there ever was one. Fresh as new life full of possibility and untainted by…