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  • The Blind Side of Clarity

    The Blind Side of Clarity

    You need not me to tell you the world is an all out dumpster fire right now. Pandemics, invasions, unchecked authoritarianism, a warming planet, rank incompetence, and on it goes. It all feels a blur, and you are right to fret. But we must hold firm. We must take care of our own and hold…

  • Sky Floor

    Sky Floor

    Altocumulus clouds glory in reticulated patterns. Like a well kept parquet floor who’s played host to countless balls and dance. The glimmering lights waltz upon the sky shimmering and bending, passing off as the scale of the fish.

  • The Grind

    The Grind

    Tectonic forces do their work. Ploughing their inescapable hell slowly and without discrimination. They grind—hard. Such is their subtlety as to be motionless to the eye though with a power as immovable as gravity.

  • Let’s Go

    Let’s Go

    A weary world turns to 2021 seeking relief in the form of warm hug with the tender promise everything’s going to be all right. We’re ready for something positive. 2020 set a low bar and should not be hard to better, nevertheless let’s make sure we bounce back together. Let’s go.

  • Intersections


    Where does the writing go when you set out with nary an end nor a goalpost. How does it flow? Set out on The Union Market deck I let my mind snake its way through the labyrinth at the tip of ten fingers. Is this how one gets into creative writing?

  • In My Own Time

    In My Own Time

    We find help for our mind, body, and soul in many places. Some planned and intention, others serendipitous and seemingly sent by coincidence if not fate. It is important to avail ourselves to help, especially in the times it is most difficult to do so. And no matter how hard it gets we can always…

  • Autumn We Dance Again

    Autumn We Dance Again

    Whether by fall or by autumn, people love this time of year. I counted myself among their number as a child, but as an adult it has not been so. This has proved a season of struggle. I seek to recapture the magic I once knew. I yearn to dance again with Autumn.

  • A Window to Winter

    A Window to Winter

    Fresh snow meets a fresh sunset played out at Stafford Forge Wildlife Management Area.

  • Endeavor


    Endeavor to try new things. Endeavor to make new paths. Endeavor to challenge yourself. To push yourself. Endeavor to reject the voice that says no. Endeavor to forgive. Endeavor to learn. Endeavor to conquer. Not others. Not things. Endeavor to conquer yourself. Endeavor to be each moment. It’s the only moment we’ve got. Endeavor to…