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  • Peony Leisure

    Peony Leisure

    Among spring flowers the peony rains supreme. The ground level royal companion who so elegantly follows the twin beauty of the cherry blossom. Two flowers worthy of Japan warrant a haiku.

  • Layers


    Life is layers. Time passes and we add layers to mark our lived experiences—good and bad. Conversely, during our lives we peel back the layers built up by others. This is how relationships build. Peonies depict the concept of layers perfectly. Endless layers make up the big beautiful blossoms as a metaphor for life.

  • Open Season

    Open Season

    To make photography you must make time for photography. With my photo making pace quickened, it’s open season on the great bloom of flowers this spring. Here I bring singular focus to a lone peony photographed in shimmering light, opening its flower petals to the world.

  • Prime Peony

    Prime Peony

    It was a great season for peonies in my neck of the woods—Ocean County, New Jersey. Backloaded winters aside, it seems extended cool, wet conditions are a peony’s friend. Check out the peony floral arrangements Eastlin Floral Design was busy putting together. This flower species is a serious boon to any bouquet. As for my…

  • Pinky Peony

    Pinky Peony

    I’m not one for literal titles yet here I am. Strange things, man, they happen. In their death throes now, my peonies had their proverbial moment in the sun in late May. Pink and glorious, oversized bulbous blossoms beautified my shrub bed with their bounty. Tissue paper petals bunched together in a gift package of…

  • Look Inside

    Look Inside

    May 2017 brought the rain. With it came puddles of mud and big blooms of flowers. Currently on display are the peonies. I have four peony plants about my front and back yards, each a slight variation of the species. I’m no botanist and cannot label the differences. Two of the peonies are of the…

  • Petal Your Wares

    Petal Your Wares

    If you’ve been following along with my photo blog journey for any length of time you’d probably describe me as a landscape photographer. You wouldn’t be wrong, and frankly it’s how I’d describe myself. But if it wasn’t for flowers I’m not sure this hobby would have ever gotten off the ground. Let’s take the…

  • Petey Piranha?

    No, it’s not the goop spitting Petey Piranha of Bianco Hills’ Super Mario Sunshine fame, ready to chomp your day. But it is my front yard’s lone purple peony. After it went all last season without a single blossom I was most pleased to see a solo bloom make open for business this past Memorial Day Weekend.…

  • Can a peony bring one peace?

    It’s been some kind of day. One of those gems where nothing quite seems to work as it should—as you need it to. I’ve been holding onto this peony photograph for a few days and now seems like the opportune time to post; I can use a bit of lift. Scheduling woes, chronic procrastination, and…