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  • Shrouded


    Happy accidents will come, big or small, and they must always be welcome. Next time your lens fogs up from a rookie oversight, make some fantastical flower photographs until you look upon the real world with clarity and focus once again.

  • Until Next Season

    Until Next Season

    With autumn coming in quick it is near time to put flower photo season to bed. Here is a late season Black-eyed Susan blossom demure before strong late afternoon light; strong contrast driving home the power of the photograph.

  • The Collector

    The Collector

    Understanding the uncertain fate of the honey bee, a lynchpin species for prolific pollination needed in a balanced ecosystem, I am beyond pleased to have them feast upon my Black-eyed Susan flowers in numbers. Oh, and they make joyous macro photo subjects, too.

  • Eclipse


    A solar eclipse is coming. You know this. On August 21, 2017, cutting a 70 mile wide swath that will stretch from Oregon to South Carolina our Sun will bow before the Moon. For those along its path totality will last less than three minutes. In less than a blink in the cosmic eye observers…

  • In the Flower of My Youth

    In the Flower of My Youth

    The flower’s life moves with speed. Governed by uncontrollable forces from dust to dust it will rise, flourish, and whither. Rejoining to the earth bearing the wear of a life well lived. Brief as that life may be. At its height a culmination of beauty, strength, and vigor owns the spotlight magnifying the magnificence of…

  • Picked by You

    Picked by You

    Oh beloved flower macro forever I hold dear. Time and again I’ve written about macro’s special place in my photographic journey. Were it not for my 100mm lens during 2012’s daily photo project I’m most positive I wouldn’t be the landscape photographer you know today. In truth, I wouldn’t be any kind of photographer today.…

  • Sunday Alone

    Sunday Alone

    Yes this was published on a Monday, but yesterday when I was making what I’m ready to declare my best series of flower photographs in years was in fact a Sunday. I have it on good authority that not only is Sunday is a day that ends in ‘Y,’ it always precedes a Monday. Allegedly.…

  • Platformer

    It’s funny how the mind recognizes patterns and builds associations. You’ll see, smell, or touch a thing and, boom, the mind’s eye reflexively retrieves a memory. Anytime my macro lens and I get low to go side-on with daisies or coneflowers familiar MIDI sounds of my youth start humming, and my brain renders a primordial…

  • Your Moment in the Sun

    Most always when shooting macro I rely on the camera’s autofocus system to home in on a single point of focus of my choosing—within the camera’s autofocus grid selection, that is. But for this shot I switched over to full manual focus. The system was struggling to capture optimal sharpness of the fly—if anyone can…