A wide angle HDR capture of a magnificent sunset at Antoinetta's Restaurant on Cedar Run Dock Road.

Winter has its ways

A wide angle HDR photograph of frozen bays and a magnificent sunset at Antoinetta's Restaurant on Cedar Run Dock Road.
Winter has its ways — 14mm | f/8 | ISO 100 | 3 Bracketed Exposures

I’ve been privy to a spate of spectacular sunsets of late. While winter typically brings the goods, over the past seven weeks I’ve had this, this, and this happen; each better than the next. You could say the first rule to making good pictures is being there, and nothing has proven more true.

Get out there and freeze your butt off. It’s worth it.

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11 responses to “Winter has its ways”

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  2. […] of color. The occasional visits of the Polar Vortex this year have served to paint the most dramatic skies; and tonight just may have been the best of all. I shan’t distract you from the photograph […]

  3. […] gonna be one short for the show. The big guy, Winter has its ways will not be making an appearance. It’s all for the best, […]

  4. Jane Avatar

    Amazing! This is why I love winter.

  5. […] location before. While the colors weren’t as explosive as they’ve been other times this winter, the cloud definition was intricate and brooding, teasing topside color that was just out of reach. […]

  6. […] Winter has its ways | Taken: January 23, 2014 | Location: Antoinetta’s Restaurant, Cedar Run Dock Road, West Creek, NJ […]

  7. […] And while on color alone (hey purple!) this could be looked at as the spiritual successor to Winter has its ways, the look still maintains its own essence and vitality. Between tide’s ebb and flow—frozen […]

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  9. […] sublime sunset—no matter how vivid the sky lights up. The best you can hope for is some quality ice flows, or some other appealing foreground to mask the unmistakable look of the great […]

  10. […] you’re thinking didn’t this shot show up last year? you’d be at least half right. Antoinetta’s made an appearance in my […]

  11. […] I like it so much in fact, this shot marks my third take at this composition. Take a look at Winter has its ways and the Never quite the same. The former made in 2014 and the latter in 2015. The choice is yours […]

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