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  • Fish On

    Fish On

    2023 has proven a banner year of fall run striped bass fishing up and down New Jersey beaches. While I have no bass to show for it, it’s been great to get back out there with family and friends. Pictured here is my cousin, Dan Molyneux, plugging for striper at sunrise off the beaches of…

  • Little Lion

    Little Lion

    As it is with most felines, my cat loves to bask in the warm sun. She waits patient at my sliding backdoor for my daily opening of the shades. This morning the sky broke clear and blue, and the sun’s power was further fueled by a fresh snowpack. The light was strong. Aware of the…

  • Generations Duet

    Generations Duet

    Last Saturday I took part in Fun(d) the Foundation. For the second year running and with Weather NJ playing host, volunteers cobbled together a fundraising soirée. The proceeds will benefit Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts and Sciences. The evening featured a curated buffet of local fare provided by several local eateries. It was…

  • Tend Your Craft

    Tend Your Craft

    So this is how pots are made—or fired, anyway. Last night I dropped on by the old yacht club—Long Beach Island Foundation (not a yacht club). Ceramics lead guy and all around bearded fellow, Jeff Ruemeli, was working the soda kiln with an eager assistant whom I do not know well enough to use her…

  • Hair Points West

    Hair Points West

    Sometimes a fleeting thought rises up through the dusty burned out barnyard that is my brain and implores me to do more portrait work. Then I quickly remember my own fears and the notion fades faster than a military barber buzzing out a high and tight. It is something I’d like to work on, but…

  • Kylo Ren and The Dark Side of the Force

    Kylo Ren and The Dark Side of the Force

    The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. —Supreme Chancellor Palpatine What’s happening, Star Wars fans? For those of you yet to see The Force Awakens I promise this is a spoiler free post. Making this miniature photograph was a blast! But first let’s circle back…

  • Grab Your Gear and Go Warmly

    Grab Your Gear and Go Warmly

    Photographer Greg Molyneux models hand knit fingerless gloves custom made for him by the skilled hands of his friend Claire Morgan.

  • Public Health Hazard

    Public Health Hazard

    Black and white photograph of bearded and hooded Jeff Ruemeli smoking a camel wide all the way down to the filter.