Never quite the same

HDR photograph of Antoinetta's Restaurant backdropped by a stunning blue hour over frozen bay and shores.
Never quite the same — 14mm | f/8 | ISO 100 | 7 Bracketed Exposures

Antoinetta’s Restaurant at the end of Cedar Run Dock Road in West Creek, New Jersey has been a go-to spot for years. Long before I even got into this photo taking thing—and long before Antoinetta’s was a thing—I used to take regular cruises down one of the most relaxing four mile drives in the whole of southern Ocean County. Sometimes alone. Sometimes with friends. Whomever came alone this place always hit the spot; even if it was with only myself that I was having conversations.

Since I launched this website a little over a year ago, this photographs marks the third time I’ve formerly framed up this shot and published. And while on color alone (hey purple!) this could be looked at as the spiritual successor to Winter has its ways, the look still maintains its own essence and vitality. Between tide’s ebb and flow—frozen in this case—and a serendipitous sky palette rendered daily, each unique like the prints upon our fingertips. We photographers benefit insofar as we can visit the same spot time and time again with the excited expectation of a different, unpredictable and sometimes fantastic result.

So get out there, scout your spots, check your gear, chase the light and shoot there over and over again.

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4 responses to “Never quite the same”

  1. […] Never quite the same | Taken: February 23, 2015 | Location: Antoinetta’s Restaurant, Cedar Run Dock Road, West Creek, NJ […]

  2. […] Fierce sky tonight, folks. Ominous. Brooding. Ever-changing. A fitting vibe on this the third anniversary of Superstorm Sandy. Context appropriate I made for an old standby location: Antoinetta’s Restaurant, down at the far east end of Cedar Run Dock Road in West Creek, NJ—an area that was beat up pretty bad from the storm. Now closed for the season, at least I think, this pointe will likely feature more regularly in my winter shooting rotation. So huzzah for that. For whatever reason I’ve had some great luck capturing dramatic skies from this spot. Perhaps none more dramatic than this. Or this. […]

  3. […] As my body struggles to adjust to colder climes I warm myself if only mentally by anticipating the great winter sunsets to come; can’t beat winter color, you […]

  4. […] fact, this shot marks my third take at this composition. Take a look at Winter has its ways and the Never quite the same. The former made in 2014 and the latter in 2015. The choice is yours as far your […]

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