A sunset HDR photograph taken along Cedar Run Dock Road in Manahawkin, NJ, by local photographer Greg Molyneux

M.T. Burton Gallery Summer Art Opener: and First Times

A sunset HDR photograph taken along Cedar Run Dock Road in Manahawkin, NJ, by local photographer Greg Molyneux
The path before me — 14mm | f/8 | ISO 100 | 7 Bracketed Exposures
Storm clouds roll in over southern New Jersey marshland
A late evening HDR photograph taken just after sunset from Sunset Park in Surf City, New Jersey. The exposure looks out over a very calm Barnegat Bay and features the unfinished wood of the dock at the edge of the park with a small stone in the foreground.
Barnegat Bay dockside
An HDR sunrise photograph overlooking the dunes, dune fence, ocean and sand of 13th Street in Ship Bottom, NJ.
Your day breaks
An HDR photograph of the marsh at sunset taken by photographer Greg Molyneux on Great Bay Boulevard in Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey
I’ll leave you when the summertime
A photograph of late day sunlight pierces a snow covered wooded trail meandering through the thicket.
And Suddenly you Find Yourself
Macro photography of Echinacea—Purple Coneflower
The Space Between
A dark sepia HDR photograph of a frozen wetland of the Stafford Forge Wildlife Management Area taken just before sunset
Out where we cannot be
Low key black and white macro photography of a Small Blue butterfly resting on a hydrangea leaf
Kicking Around on a Piece of Ground in your Home Town

Update: gonna be one short for the show. The big guy, Winter has its ways will not be making an appearance. It’s all for the best, though.

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.

Exciting things are happening this weekend. The M.T. Burton Gallery is hosting its first ever Summer Art Opener featuring eight local artists—including myself! Gulp.

This is a pretty big first for me. I’ve never shown my work. Hell, aside from a framed print I donated for a charity auction last summer, I’ve never even had prints ordered up before. Until now I’ve stuck purely to digital images posted online only. That’s been my comfort zone.

Now I’m out of it. I’m stepping into unchartered territory, and not without trepidation. I’ve got to be honest, were my friends Jeff Ruemeli (hand blown glass art) and Ben Wurst (reclaimed woodworking) not also participating there’s no way I’d have the courage to go through with this. Power in numbers and all that jazz.

As for the event, it’s going down this weekend June 6th–8th at the M.T. Burton Gallery in Surf City, New Jersey. If you’re out and about on Long Beach Island this weekend looking for something different to do, stop by and say hello. There’s activities planned for both Friday and Saturday evening—featuring live music, a clam bake, juggling, and more!

The gallery above represents the ten photographs I’ve selected for the show. Special and serious shout out to Ben Wurst who’s done all the custom reclaimed framing. The work looks spectacular and it wouldn’t be anywhere near as good without his splendid touch. Seriously man, thank you.


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  2. Ben Avatar

    I remember my event and was quite nervous about how people would like my craft. Turns out it was all for nothing. Doing events and getting feedback from people in person is so much better than only getting likes and comments on Facebook. Wait till someone walks by and says “wow” or “amazing work!” It’ll make your day, if not year. Happy to help you out too. Old wood and your photography go together superbly.

  3. Elyse Avatar

    I’m so excited for you, you have no idea. I’m so glad you’re doing this and can’t wait to see all of the pictures in person.


  4. Greg Molyneux Avatar
    Greg Molyneux

    Thanks for coming out and supporting.

  5. Greg Molyneux Avatar
    Greg Molyneux

    Ben, thank you for helping me get this off the ground.

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  7. […] in several events since picking up the camera back in 2012. First breaking the ice with the Summer Art Opener in June of 2014; next displaying my work at the Little Egg Harbor public library in October 2015; […]

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