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  • Shaken


    New Jersey photographer Greg Molyneux shares his latest hospital scare the day after capturing a sunset out on Cedar Run Dock Road salt marsh. Heart issues continue to weigh heavily on his mind, and has him shaken to the core. Stay healthy out there, and take care of yourselves, my friends.

  • Reflection Point

    Reflection Point

    Reflective mirrored photography dazzles the imagination. Our own Mirror of Erised. Cedar Run’s watery mirror has me thinking on my own life. It also affords an opportunity to share some quick reflections about myself with you.

  • Depress the Shutter

    Depress the Shutter

    Depression is insidious. Working its way from the edges it consumes apace as it slowly devours. Photographer Greg Molyneux shares a story from his own struggles battling against mental demons, hoping it encourages others to open up and share. Together we can bring darkness to light and break the stigma of mental illness for good.

  • 2016 Makers Festival in Retrospect

    2016 Makers Festival in Retrospect

    Your day breaks It’s a Saturday morning in September and it’s early. Somewhere in a second floor bedroom a card carrying night owl wakes before his alarm. Bare feet meet carpet and nearsighted eyes blur a darkened window—the sun’s not even a thing yet. Replacing the usual reflexive denial of the it’s time to wake up reality,…

  • Hair Points West

    Hair Points West

    Sometimes a fleeting thought rises up through the dusty burned out barnyard that is my brain and implores me to do more portrait work. Then I quickly remember my own fears and the notion fades faster than a military barber buzzing out a high and tight. It is something I’d like to work on, but…

  • I, Phragmites

    I, Phragmites

    Phragmites are an invasive species robbing valuable real estate from indigenous plant life due to the dense stands that’ll readily form and quickly grow. Efficiently conquering pristine lands like an imperialist in heat. To the uninitiated conquistador like me, they seemingly fit right in to the natural surroundings—adding almost picturesque sight lines that appear to…

  • Lookout Landing

    Lookout Landing

    Does this count as self portraiture? I’m not certain but this may count for salvaging a sunset shoot. How salvaged? Only you can be the judge of that. Sunset sits the saddle of boom or bust. For a moment yesterday seemed headed for boom town, but instead just kinda petered out into grey-blue darkness. But…

  • Welcome to Makers Fest

    Welcome to Makers Fest

    Heads up, New Jersey. Event incoming. Sure it’s some 9 months away, but I’m beyond pleased to share with you that I’ll be a small part of a great big event at Manahawkin Lake on September 17, 2016. The 2nd annual Makers Festival will be unleashed upon the world, and I’ll be there peddling my wares.…

  • Online Store Announcement—Prints Now Available for Purchase

    Online Store Announcement—Prints Now Available for Purchase

    Long Overdue Good evening everyone, welcome to December. A bit of housekeeping: despite being up and running for almost a year now I’m officially announcing my online SmugMug shop. Finally. Having had the opportunity to sell a few prints, get comfortable with the platform, and see the end result with my own eyes I think I’m…