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  • 2016 Makers Festival in Retrospect

    2016 Makers Festival in Retrospect

    Your day breaks It’s a Saturday morning in September and it’s early. Somewhere in a second floor bedroom a card carrying night owl wakes before his alarm. Bare feet meet carpet and nearsighted eyes blur a darkened window—the sun’s not even a thing yet. Replacing the usual reflexive denial of the it’s time to wake up reality,…

  • Perhaps this is Goodbye?

    Perhaps this is Goodbye?

    Be it superstition, confirmation bias, or an actual demonstrable trend to which I have neither the data nor scientific awareness to prove, pre-storm sunset skies always seem to deliver. Today sure fit the narrative. Anticipating winter storm Jonas’ arrival has ground my personal perception of time to a relative halt. Since Monday night the hours,…

  • Here on the Mullica

    Reclaimer of wood and photographer of things, Ben Wurst hosted friends for textbook late summer chilling and grilling this weekend. Naturally, festivities were preceded by an hour long sunset shoot at a location that was for the rest of us in attendance, a brand new spot! We found ourselves tucked away under the Garden State…

  • M.T. Burton Gallery Summer Art Opener: and First Times

    M.T. Burton Gallery Summer Art Opener: and First Times

    Update: gonna be one short for the show. The big guy, Winter has its ways will not be making an appearance. It’s all for the best, though. Strange things are afoot at the Circle K. Exciting things are happening this weekend. The M.T. Burton Gallery is hosting its first ever Summer Art Opener featuring eight…

  • Ben Wurst, Dialed In

    It’s not often I photograph people. In fact, it’s pretty damn rare. However, while awkwardly positioned and semi-inverted, I fired off this shot while Ben was texting out our location to friends while we were setting up for sunset at the Stafford Forge Wildlife Management Area this past Sunday.