Can a peony bring one peace?

A cross processed macro photograph of a pink peony as it opens to the world. This cross processed picture is cast in a pinkish hue highlighted by beautiful bokeh and the shadows of flora.
Can a peony bring one peace? — 50mm | f/2 | ISO 100 | EXP 1/1000

It’s been some kind of day. One of those gems where nothing quite seems to work as it should—as you need it to. I’ve been holding onto this peony photograph for a few days and now seems like the opportune time to post; I can use a bit of lift. Scheduling woes, chronic procrastination, and an upcoming art show have wrought the end of the rope for this guy. I’m a terrible multitasker to begin with and there’s just too much on my plate. But I’ll live. And I’d do well to remind myself the problems I have are largely the good kind. I will overcome and I will not lose sight of those truly struggling under the yolk of real strife. I will get beyond my struggles of the first world.

That about covers it for this rant. Thanks for listening.





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