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  • Winter Turn

    Winter Turn

    Feels like an age since I’ve made eyes with a proper winter scene on the salt marsh. Almost forgot how profoundly calming it can be, even with biting temperatures further sharpened by wind. Let this be the start of a great year of winter photography for southern New Jersey!

  • Ice World Ignition

    Ice World Ignition

    Ice, snow, disused docks, and a high power sunset reflecting on frozen bay water bring wintertime drama to Great Bay Boulevard.

  • When Winter Comes

    When Winter Comes

    A fine winter sunset settles in over a frozen and snowy Cedar Run Dock Road salt marsh.

  • A Pearl in Winter

    A Pearl in Winter

    Antoinetta’s Waterfront Restaurant. My old stomping grounds. Undoubtedly one of my favorite locations to photograph. It holds sway as an idyllic bayside vista. She’s a fine structure worked in a modern Victorian motif. This joy of design stands tall at the east end of Cedar Run Dock Road. A seaside beauty for sure. Oh, and…

  • Sand to Snow

    Sand to Snow

    Harvey Cedars locked in ice. A beach paradise locked and bound in frozen bonds of wind driven snow, ice and unstoppable cold. The arctic has found its way south and wrought with it a landscape better tuned to penguins. Trudging through Harvey Cedars Sunset Park I felt myself alternating discomfort and awe. Foremost was the…

  • Where do we go from here?

    Where do we go from here?

    Tucked in among the lifeless grasses, cloistered from the outside world though hardly sheltered from its inhospitable cold, I made my stand—kneeling. With an icy tripod widened and set to its lowest setting, I was low and I was close to a wee bit of opening—revealing a low level glimpse out to the frozen lake…

  • The Cold Will Roll

    The Cold Will Roll

    It’s on, New Jersey. True arctic air is rolling across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic and with it comes a polar left hook of cold to the jaw of we the lower latitude dwellers. While the bays remain open water for now, the marshes have begun the inescapable transition to pop-up ice world. In the face…

  • Fired and Frozen

    Fired and Frozen

    I avoid vertical orientation photography, and I’m doing myself a disservice. Despite its obvious place and application in landscape photography I remain reluctant to exploit it. Unpacking my reasoning and there’s a few things at play here: 1) I dropped my camera pretty early on and its gyroscope—and thereby level—is useless, rendering level horizons a…

  • A Bridge Too Far

    A Bridge Too Far

    There would be weather they said. Follow the global models they said. Disregard the NAM they said. The heaviest bands will never push north they said. Well here we are one day after the Blizzard of 2016, and I’m sure many a backs are barking from a long day of digging out after wondering, dude,…