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  • The Worn One

    The Worn One

    Observing the lifecycle of flowers—from bloom to doom—sets the mind thinking to our own aging arc. At middle age the flower of my youth is long gone making all this time alone more intense and frightening.

  • Bloom Squad

    Bloom Squad

    I happened myself into an opportunity to shoot a Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L II USM Lens for the first time on Saturday. Ho boy is it something else. This beast is the size of a grapefruit and weighs in at a hefty 2.26 pounds. You feel this lens. It’s a fine piece of engineering, and…

  • Born of the Purple

    Born of the Purple

    Life is full of happy accidents. We must take them as they come, for they are cherished boons. The lesson—missing out on a thing does not mean we lose a thing. Instead it gifts opportunity to see a thing in a different, more diffuse and loving light. We work with what we’ve got, and that…

  • Working Class Hero

    Working Class Hero

    Dutiful honey bee plying her trade. Drinking her nectar and loading her pollen basket, she works with intent. With energy and purpose she minds her craft. Even alone the hive is on the mind. Her community needs her; needs her singular focus to feed and to provide. To sustain the group. Bounding atop pistils by…

  • The Technician

    The Technician

    On the perils of labels. It is easy to apply limits in how we label ourselves. There is a push-pull tearing at the labels we self-apply measured against the labels others seek to apply. In this post I take a look back at how I’ve evolved my own self-limiting thinking. Analyzing how I worked to…

  • Upright


    With COVID-19 again on the rampage, and society disrupting as we take a long hard look at our centuries old problem of racism, we stand assaulted by uncommon uncertainty. The friction is causing extreme heat and pressure looking to loose. Not since the Second World War has the United States faced such intense difficulty. Riven…

  • Flowered Sun

    Flowered Sun

    Looking close and slow upon a flower is a practice in patience with which all should partake. Particularly true to heal closed hearts and open stagnant minds. It is both window to the soul and outlet to the universe and it unveils the underpinnings of nature’s truth. Take this nascent echinacea blossom. Still early in…

  • Corona


    There is regal majesty in the echinacea’s journey from bud to blossom. With the subtlety and finesse borne of fine stock she transforms with noble grace. Gentle petals work outward—a green coronet becoming the crown befitting her station. The purple coneflower corona hits its zenith only to unfurl to its full purple petal. Long and…

  • The Small Blue

    The Small Blue

    Editor’s note: [July 29, 2017] This is not a small blue butterfly. It is an eastern tailed blue butterfly. It’s the small thin tail that earns this distinction. Shout-out to Dave Blinder who coincidentally posted a shot of an eastern tailed blue on his Instagram today thus unveiling my error. It’s always good to learn…