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  • Up at Night

    Up at Night

    Ben Wurst, Jon Carr, and I made our way to the New Jersey Pinelands’ pygmy pine forest where we tried our best at making astrophotography on a clear, moonless night. The visibility was excellent, and shooting stars dashed the night sky on regular intervals. Honestly, I didn’t even care about the photographs I was making, I was just happy to be out having unexpected fun with friends.

  • Land Bridge

    Land Bridge

    Friday evening I hitched a ride with Jon Carr and we made our way to Great Bay Boulevard. The hope was twofold: 1) outside shot at a well timed break in the clouds for sunset ignition; and 2) with a segment of thunderstorms approaching from the west, lightning captures were on the table. While neither […]

  • Moonlight Tonight

    Peering through my driver side mirror at 7:02 a.m., having just crossed the Delaware River—Turnpike Toll Bridge into Pennsylvania ,I saw what I thought would be my best shot of the day. My mirror showed the truth: sunrise was gorgeous, and there I was stuck in my car en route from my home state of […]

  • The Scene Takes Shape

    It’d be fair to say I stepped out of both my comfort and interest zones last night. Astrophotography is a far cry from my forte, and while I do love the stars and the night sky, it’s a technique I’d rather observe through the lens work of folks far more skilled in its execution than […]

  • The Demons of Our Dreams

    When I’m titling my photographs I most always go with the first word, phrase, song lyric, or bit of text that comes to mind. It’s a quick and easy approach that keeps me from overthinking my named works. I broke that rule today. I wanted to go with Death Comes for us All, but an […]

  • Long Exposure Carnival Swings

    Long Exposure Carnival Swings

    When the nice weather comes you’ve gotta move. Yesterday was beautiful and revelers from all over descended upon a retooled Seaside Heights Boardwalk to soak in some sun, surf, boardwalk fare and top-notch people watching. Never having been one to sing odes to the virtues of a once beleaguered Seaside Boardwalk, I was beyond impressed […]

  • Symbol of Strength

    To better set the stage take a watch—and listen—to the snow bands and high winds that slammed into Barnegat Lighthouse Monday night. Please excuse my shaky hands. Taken a the top of the 10 o’clock hour, I tucked in low and close along the concrete seawall that runs all the way out into the inlet. […]

  • Out for a Spin: Light Painting with Steel Wool

    Out for a Spin: Light Painting with Steel Wool

    It’s pretty amazing what steel wool, wire whisks, 9-volt batteries, cameras on tripods, and some friends can do. And frankly, if you’ve already shelled out the cash for the camera and tripod this becomes cheap fun with pals. It’s best paired with dark nights, bonfires, and any libation of your choice. Every now and then—probably […]

  • The purpling storm

    The purpling storm

    With Summer winding down last night offered what may turn out to be a last chance storm chasing session for the season—not that I’ve had any storm chasing sessions this season, but I digress… As the clock passed 10 with a line of thunderstorms approaching, I had the opportunity to head out to Dock Road […]

  • Just last night

    It wasn’t until my buddy Jon and I were heading back over Manahawkin Bay en route to the mainland by way of the causeway bridge that we took note of the sky; brightly lit low hanging clouds were racing across it, seemingly illuminated by the light pollution below. Once back at my house we quickly […]