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  • Relic


    Photographs capture scenes to convey narrative in a visual medium. The story can be simple and straightforward, or it can mask in layers to tell multifaceted stories. It allows the viewer to imprint their own stories shaded by beliefs and experiences to connect in a personal way. This is the beauty of photographic storytelling.

  • Ice World Ignition

    Ice World Ignition

    Ice, snow, disused docks, and a high power sunset reflecting on frozen bay water bring wintertime drama to Great Bay Boulevard.

  • Derelict


    The twin forces of time and water erode a once proud place of recreation and enterprise. Torn asunder in Sandy’s rage, the derelict of Rand’s continues to degrade. The months pass and the irresistible force of nature reclaims as it is wont. In the absence of human intervention the twin forces return the natural order.…

  • To the Point

    To the Point

    I’m brining it back to last Friday evening on Great Bay Boulevard. To my final set of seven brackets on what was an excellent first fall night. It was only moments earlier I scored this sunset before turning my camera vertical for blue hour. It was in this moment I thought about the past. Vanishing…

  • Fall Ahead

    Fall Ahead

    Each sky is different. Yet some remain the same. This is the paradox of the light chaser. Last night on Great Bay Boulevard I welcomed fall. Or spun to the proper hierarchy of things, it was fall who welcomed me. I have no power over seasons and remain her humble servant. It is in accordance…

  • The Old Wood Span

    The Old Wood Span

    To the romance of wood. The fuel of the hearth. The bones of the home. The backdrop of the written word. Nailed to the story of man wood’s place in civilization’s ascent is both secure and unsung. Its importance overshadowed by the power of stone, bronze, and iron. Perhaps there being no Wood Age—nor great…

  • Yellow Kiss

    Yellow Kiss

    See the yellow kiss the marsh and pass the green of yesterday to memory. Seasons move and the lands do follow. Before the clocks of innovation the environment held sway. Celestial movement speaking the story of time through a perceptible and changing land. A change so clear to our ancient ancestors now seen so quaint…

  • Drop in a Scene

    Drop in a Scene

    I invite you to journey with me. But first you much breathe. Close your eyes and breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Slow your mind and follow your breath. In. Out. Deep breaths at first. Three or four long inhalations followed by slow and steady exhalation. Focusing on the breath. In. Out. Forget about the world. Repeat. Now…

  • Turn Around

    Turn Around

    Brittle fingers frozen from too much time holding a metal camera body in stiff winter winds did their worst to keep me from making this final photograph during the snow squalls last Friday. Two fistfuls of immovable digits was begging me to quit, but after making this shot I turned around toward the east only…