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  • Blue Too

    Blue Too

    2021, you win. I am burnt out. The stressors of life are closing in like a vice, and escape seems more an impossibility than some far off thing that will come eventually. I am tapped out and in serious need of a break.

  • Up at Night

    Up at Night

    Ben Wurst, Jon Carr, and I made our way to the New Jersey Pinelands’ pygmy pine forest where we tried our best at making astrophotography on a clear, moonless night. The visibility was excellent, and shooting stars dashed the night sky on regular intervals. Honestly, I didn’t even care about the photographs I was making,…

  • I Was Once

    I Was Once

    Jonathan Carr and I checked out Parkertown Docks for the first time ever. We hung around through blue hour for the full moon rise. It so happened to be the second full moon of October, making this a blue hour blue moon rise.

  • Blue Notes

    Blue Notes

    Nature is love. Love is nature. At blue hour the dance of night and day intwine in splendor to show the whole world how passion yearns. A photograph captures this dance, this light play, this teachable moment, and allows us to share in its glory long after the moment itself.

  • Blue Steps

    Blue Steps

    A serene blue hour settles in over disused docks and reflective, glassy bay water.

  • The Moon Was a Crescent

    The Moon Was a Crescent

    The moon was a crescent, thin and sharp as the blade of a knife. A pale sun rose and set and rose again. Red leaves whispered in the wind. Dark clouds filled the skies and turned to storms. —Bran III, A Dance with Dragons; volume five in A Song of Ice and Fire. Author George R.…

  • Tumultuous Sky

    Tumultuous Sky

    Saturday, August 6, 2016, the unexpected came to pass. Mrs. and Mr. Weather NJ came by to scoop me for a little weekend dinner action on Long Beach Island. We brought along the camera equipment just in case the sunset would pop. We were cutting it close on time and originally decided that Cedar Run…

  • Land Bridge

    Land Bridge

    Friday evening I hitched a ride with Jon Carr and we made our way to Great Bay Boulevard. The hope was twofold: 1) outside shot at a well timed break in the clouds for sunset ignition; and 2) with a segment of thunderstorms approaching from the west, lightning captures were on the table. While neither…

  • Kylo Ren and The Dark Side of the Force

    Kylo Ren and The Dark Side of the Force

    The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. —Supreme Chancellor Palpatine What’s happening, Star Wars fans? For those of you yet to see The Force Awakens I promise this is a spoiler free post. Making this miniature photograph was a blast! But first let’s circle back…