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  • The Grind

    The Grind

    Tectonic forces do their work. Ploughing their inescapable hell slowly and without discrimination. They grind—hard. Such is their subtlety as to be motionless to the eye though with a power as immovable as gravity.

  • Up at Night

    Up at Night

    Ben Wurst, Jon Carr, and I made our way to the New Jersey Pinelands’ pygmy pine forest where we tried our best at making astrophotography on a clear, moonless night. The visibility was excellent, and shooting stars dashed the night sky on regular intervals. Honestly, I didn’t even care about the photographs I was making,…

  • Intersections


    Where does the writing go when you set out with nary an end nor a goalpost. How does it flow? Set out on The Union Market deck I let my mind snake its way through the labyrinth at the tip of ten fingers. Is this how one gets into creative writing?

  • In My Own Time

    In My Own Time

    We find help for our mind, body, and soul in many places. Some planned and intention, others serendipitous and seemingly sent by coincidence if not fate. It is important to avail ourselves to help, especially in the times it is most difficult to do so. And no matter how hard it gets we can always…

  • A Window to Winter

    A Window to Winter

    Fresh snow meets a fresh sunset played out at Stafford Forge Wildlife Management Area.

  • Remind Up Rewind

    Remind Up Rewind

    Holy smokes Greg posted a photograph? In 2018? 2018, the year of slack, rages on, but here at least is a small reminder to myself and the world, I do, in fact, make photographs. From time to time. I had the luxury to visit Wells Mills County Park and my wonderful Rose reminded me of…

  • The Forest and the Trees

    The Forest and the Trees

    On June 16, 2018, I had the opportunity to photograph Baker’s Acres Campground in Little Egg Harbor, NJ. A wooded, family forward establishment, Baker’s Acres offers a picturesque retreat for any and all campers. Nestled off Garden State Parkway exit 58, Baker’s Acres is a secluded getaway so good at maintaining a low profile I…

  • Frame It

    Frame It

    It’s a quarter to eight on March 2, 2017, and I am whiling away the hours until Nintendo unleashes its latest bundle of joy upon the world. As midnight strikes across timezones the world over the Nintendo Switch, and, more importantly, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will begin its quest into consumer homes…

  • Controlled Burn

    Controlled Burn

    Controlled burning—or prescribed burning, whichever your flavor—has marked the skies of southern Ocean County with plumes of smoke the past few days. Capitalizing on warmth and wind local officials have taken to their annual task of culling New Jersey’s Pinelands of restrictive low-level growth. Fire is the lifeblood of a healthy forest ecosystem, and controlled…