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  • The Technician

    The Technician

    On the perils of labels. It is easy to apply limits in how we label ourselves. There is a push-pull tearing at the labels we self-apply measured against the labels others seek to apply. In this post I take a look back at how I’ve evolved my own self-limiting thinking. Analyzing how I worked to…

  • Courage to Grow

    Courage to Grow

    Hardship is inevitable. It comes sure as a summer storm. Negative energy builds, tensions rise only to bow to the pressure. The storm hits, emotions roil and churn, and then, at the nadir of the struggle, the onslaught slackens. The skies clear and we stand ready to learn, left only with the courage to grow.…

  • Upright


    With COVID-19 again on the rampage, and society disrupting as we take a long hard look at our centuries old problem of racism, we stand assaulted by uncommon uncertainty. The friction is causing extreme heat and pressure looking to loose. Not since the Second World War has the United States faced such intense difficulty. Riven…

  • Green Sight

    Green Sight

    Served here a dreamy 35mm photo of a lilac blossom. Shot wide open at f/1.4, it features soft focus and smooth bokeh, cross processed to a green hue. As we lose ourselves in the fantasy of this photograph, we muse upon our futures.

  • Love and Lilacs

    Love and Lilacs

    Love and lilacs. Lilacs and love. Pink and purple pastel beauties surpassed in sweetness only by their unmistakable perfume. Dating back to the ancient world purple marked out royalty.

  • Home Again

    Home Again

    COVID-19 has given me time to work in the yard. With the cleanup has come better conditions for flower and plant life to thrive. Giving me ample opportunity to make macro photos without having to break any kind of social distance mores.

  • On Dark Matters of Contrast

    On Dark Matters of Contrast

    When I look upon this photo my mind sees the flowing movement of long grasses underwater. Submerged and swaying with the rush of the tide. It’s a balanced fluid motion, a soft rocking back and forth carrying us away to far off places. Relaxing spaces full of soft beds, kind hearts, and unbridled hope.

  • Color, Please

    Color, Please

    Achieving great results with shallow depth of field is all about your aperture and your distance to your subject. Close in shooting at larger apertures will help you produce this desired effect. Whereas backing away and stopping down to a smaller aperture will increase your area of focus. Get out there and experiment!

  • Heart Opener

    Heart Opener

    Soon you take the lessons of heart openers with you off the mat. Focusing on your heart becomes A Thing. Cultivating it. Protecting it. Honoring it. You come to understand the importance of keep your heart open for others and for yourself. This is the love that will save the world.