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  • Ice World Ignition

    Ice World Ignition

    Ice, snow, disused docks, and a high power sunset reflecting on frozen bay water bring wintertime drama to Great Bay Boulevard.

  • Fired and Frozen

    Fired and Frozen

    I avoid vertical orientation photography, and I’m doing myself a disservice. Despite its obvious place and application in landscape photography I remain reluctant to exploit it. Unpacking my reasoning and there’s a few things at play here: 1) I dropped my camera pretty early on and its gyroscope—and thereby level—is useless, rendering level horizons a […]

  • A Bridge Too Far

    A Bridge Too Far

    There would be weather they said. Follow the global models they said. Disregard the NAM they said. The heaviest bands will never push north they said. Well here we are one day after the Blizzard of 2016, and I’m sure many a backs are barking from a long day of digging out after wondering, dude, […]

  • Perhaps this is Goodbye?

    Perhaps this is Goodbye?

    Be it superstition, confirmation bias, or an actual demonstrable trend to which I have neither the data nor scientific awareness to prove, pre-storm sunset skies always seem to deliver. Today sure fit the narrative. Anticipating winter storm Jonas’ arrival has ground my personal perception of time to a relative halt. Since Monday night the hours, […]

  • Never quite the same

    Antoinetta’s Restaurant at the end of Cedar Run Dock Road in West Creek, New Jersey has been a go-to spot for years. Long before I even got into this photo taking thing—and long before Antoinetta’s was a thing—I used to take regular cruises down one of the most relaxing four mile drives in the whole […]

  • These are the times that revive men’s souls

    Or maybe it’s just the polar infused westerlies smacking me in the face doing the reviving? It was cold tonight. Anyone stuck in the Mid-Atlantic to Northeast knows this—and has for sometime if you discount yesterday’s false spring. But when it produces this kind of light the biting cold can just keep on riding that […]

  • You have no power here

    I’ve been spending much more time shooting on Long Beach Island of late. It’s the ice in particular that has brought me there. There’s just something to that juxtaposition of Winter’s grip imposing its will on Summer’s paradise. Yesterday brought me to Surf City, Harvey Cedars and Barnegat Light. And while I did most of […]