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  • Grab Your Gear and Go Warmly

    Grab Your Gear and Go Warmly

    Photographer Greg Molyneux models hand knit fingerless gloves custom made for him by the skilled hands of his friend Claire Morgan.

  • Touchpoints

    I like the shallow depth of field. — Greg Molyneux (@gregmolyneux) July 12, 2015 It was just this past Sunday I dropped such deep knowledge on the Twitters. Insert very strong sarcasm. Flippancy aside I really do like the shallow depth of field. Recognizing its existence was for me revelatory. As someone who spent the…

  • Public Health Hazard

    Public Health Hazard

    Black and white photograph of bearded and hooded Jeff Ruemeli smoking a camel wide all the way down to the filter.

  • Soft Spot

    With the first turn in the weather, the calendar mandates it’s time I get back to my photographic roots. After a toddling period of crash course trial and error in the early days of 2012, flower photography quickly established itself as my go-to comfort spot behind the camera. It’s where I first felt some semblance…

  • Meet Mack, Beagle Bulldog Puppy Mix Master

    Female canines you have been put on notice. This little guy’s just about as cute as can be, and he’s got the smooth disposition to match. I mean just look at that furrowed brow and those eyes. This is one awesome dog. While I regret to inform you Mack is not my own, he is,…

  • Can a peony bring one peace?

    It’s been some kind of day. One of those gems where nothing quite seems to work as it should—as you need it to. I’ve been holding onto this peony photograph for a few days and now seems like the opportune time to post; I can use a bit of lift. Scheduling woes, chronic procrastination, and…