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  • On Peonies

    On Peonies

    Peonies are synonymous with the ephemeral nature of spring. Full of anticipation. Here for a moment; gone in an instant. Only to cycle back around next year. Certainly with more lessons to teach us.

  • Make It Home

    Make It Home

    Seek inspiration in all places. Be present, and set yourself up for success. For far too long I neglected creating a proper workspace. Worse yet is I had he time and resources to change it. Of course the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, and the second best time is today.…

  • Best Photographs of 2023

    Best Photographs of 2023

    Another year of too few photographs. New Jersey landscape and nature photographer, Greg Molyneux, shares his three best landscape and macro photographs made throughout 2023.

  • Hi, Biscus

    Hi, Biscus

    It is 31 December and I am out of days. It looks like this will be the last backlog photograph I get to post in 2023. So let’s roll back to 5 September and my backyard hibiscus. Not a ton of floral macro work this year, so it feels good to close out the year…

  • A Look Back

    A Look Back

    Accountability check: I’m trying to dust off my photography hobby. I’ve made some photographs this summer, but have not brought it home via edits and blog posts. Here I am working through my backlog along with a brain dump of what I’ve been on about this summer.

  • The Way of Walking Alone

    The Way of Walking Alone

    The bumblebee works alone. Dutiful to his task, hard at it for his hive. Out in the world it is a solitary life of discipline and purpose. Skill builds for honing a craft with a singular drive, full of intention. What can we learn of the bumblebee? What can we learn of ancient masters?

  • Standard Orbit

    Standard Orbit

    The Longwood Gardens conservatory is a sight to behold. The crowning jewel atop acres of grounds fit for any court. It is here I encountered the majestic hanging baskets bursting with hydrangea paced about 20 feet apart. An orbital welcome, a floral chandelier guiding me about this aged, overground manse.

  • Ground Level

    Ground Level

    A springtime visit to Longwood Gardens with close friends is good for the soul. Spring season flowers were in bloom, and the late day golden hour sun danced upon the flower buds. An ideal mix for ground level photographs.

  • The Worn One

    The Worn One

    Observing the lifecycle of flowers—from bloom to doom—sets the mind thinking to our own aging arc. At middle age the flower of my youth is long gone making all this time alone more intense and frightening.