100mm macro photo made top down on an early honeysuckle flower blossom.

Top Down

100mm macro photo made top down on an early honeysuckle flower blossom.
Top Down — 100mm | f/3.5 | ISO 400 | EXP 1/200

Step right up and descend into the shrunken world. Together we journey top down to look upon an alien world hiding in plain sight. Let us accept this macro abstraction to challenge the mind to place what the eyes register.

And just what is it we are looking at?

For lack of proper nomenclature let’s call it a nascent honeysuckle flower in the making several days before its better known floral blossom ribbon properly unfurls. A tightly bound cluster of purplish tentacles spring sunward in a bundle not much larger than a quarter. Covering each arm of the cluster stands a ready array of tiny follicles shellacked in a sticky, pollen type substance. My mind churns. Hundreds of tiny posts hoisting a collective individuality built up the surface of a greater system of life. Down here, mired in constituent parts, we contemplate the unsung parcels that compose the greater whole.

In and out of focus mental gears grind and turn against the shallow depth of field. Tall towers jut directly toward us, escaping the foggy void to shed light on the penthouse. The near symmetry struck a shade askew lends credible structure suggesting the proper hand of purpose in its design. The fractal quality the surging towers builds upon the mathematical basis of nature.

You will get all this and more when you travel top down into the abstract world of honeysuckle macros. I hope you have enjoyed the trip.

I had leaned hard to go with a black and white treatment for this photograph. I was working a striking, high contrast low key approach with plenty of black negative space. I even tossed it to the Instagram story poll. As of this posting we are 10 votes to 4 in favor of color. Perhaps we will go top down on the black and white version some other time.

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