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  • Top Down

    Top Down

    Macro worlds will suck you in. Once lensed properly the eye sets upon the small things so easily ignored. In such small spaces countless details reveal themselves to the well attuned. Here we encounter such a journey as we venture into the macro world of honeysuckle.

  • Nothing on the Top

    Nothing on the Top

    In most any work you attend you’re bound to hit the plateau. Elongated sessions of flat expense flanked by monotony—or worse yet—nothingness. It’s the grind. Lacking the mania and output of the peak, yet devoid the pain and failure of the valley. It’s an uneventful period of low growth. It’s difficult to parse lessons when…

  • Honeysuckle splayed out before me

    Today was a day for flower macro stress decompression. In between course testing while working from home I picked up the camera and made my rounds throughout the yard. Stopping at the daisies, tiger lilies, and finally my backyard honeysuckle. It didn’t bloom last year so I’m happy to report its blooms are at the…