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  • Set Aside Bayside

    Set Aside Bayside

    Last light and the tide was with me. Which is to say gentle bay waters were low and slow affording me a dry spot otherwise lost to the migrating sea. More often than not I find myself unable to set up shop on this the starboard side of the jetty without getting myself or some gear wet. […]

  • Solemn Shores

    Solemn Shores

    One more photograph from August 25, 2016. After making my first frame I periscoped my tripod head right to left from a west to southwest orientation. My reasons were twofold: 1) the high level cirrus clouds were a more impressive pastel color toward the south, and 2) I wanted to get a different angle on […]

  • Ship Bottom Retreat

    Ship Bottom Retreat

    I made my way over to Long Beach Island last night. It was a beautiful evening and considering the calendar’s rude notion that summer is quickly winding down it seemed worthwhile to capitalize on a resource that will soon be in short supply—warmth. Initially I defaulted to my usual LBI summer spot, Surf City Sunset […]

  • Growth Phase

    Growth Phase

    Kicking it back to Monday evening, back to Ship Bottom Sunset Point. (That’s two shots in a row!) Only this time I tried my hand with vertical orientation—or portrait orientation—camera work. Unlike run-of-the-mill horizontal orientation, it’s a technique that doesn’t come easy to me; but it’s hard to argue with its intrigue—particularly at wide angles. […]

  • Parklife


    Monday night after doing the 9–5 thing I made my way to Ship Bottom Sunset Point. It had been a while since I did some photo things from this Long Beach Island location. It’s a cool little spot nestled bayside, and it holds a tender place in the Greg Molyneux memory bank. For three seasons […]

  • Fade Out

    Fade Out

    For those of you following my photos on the regular—thank you!—you know I like vibrant, contrasty colors for my landscapes. The more color the better. But in processing last night’s shot (today) I wanted to produce a kinder, gentler final image. A more subtle hand to photograph and capture the calm, soothing blues that crept […]

  • Some days the sun goes out in style

    … and leaves us in awe. I’m certainly glad I made it over to Sunset Point in Ship Bottom, New Jersey for what turned out to be some top shelf sunsetting action. There were plenty other revelers to take in the visual mastery, too. Related: I was most pleased to see those in attendance hang […]

  • All I wanna be is by your side

    Yesterday I had helping hands (thanks, Jennifer Carr!). I was able to take some chances. While heading over to Sunset Point for The Daily Sundown™ my hope was that the tide would be low enough to expose the bay sand on the lagoon side of the jetty rock (the right of the jetty in the […]

  • Slow it down

    Tonight was a tease. All signs pointed toward a top notch sunset: rolling storm clouds, a clearing westward cloud deck, and even some small rainbows dancing about the horizon. The ground and houses were awash in a fierce golden light and the anticipation was on. Heh. So much for that. A last minute wall of […]

  • Low tide allowance

    Today’s photo excursion began in Harvey Cedars, moved to Surf City, and ended in Ship Bottom. Harvey Cedars and Surf City were total busts as it seems Long Beach Island is now near void of exposed jetty rock. This is for the best environmentally as the beaches have been built up and reinforced by a […]