Low tide allowance

A seven frame black and white composite exposure of a wooden bulkhead and mounded jetty rock define the portrait orientation scene with Barnegat Bay expanding off to the right.
Low tide allowance — 14mm | f/8 | ISO 100 | 7 Bracketed Exposures

Today’s photo excursion began in Harvey Cedars, moved to Surf City, and ended in Ship Bottom. Harvey Cedars and Surf City were total busts as it seems Long Beach Island is now near void of exposed jetty rock. This is for the best environmentally as the beaches have been built up and reinforced by a substantial rolling berm. Storm protection and preservation comes first.

With the oceanside long exposure jetty shot out of the question we turned to the sure thing of the bay. Returning to Sunset Point I meandered about looking for a workable solution. The sky was overcast, the water calm, and obvious shots were not exactly jumping out and boasting, here! Looking over the bulkhead I noticed an exposed tract of land with about 2 feet of exposed sand fighting off the bay water. I hopped down camera in hand and had my buddy pass down my tripod. I set up my gear, made my exposures, and climbed back out of the encroaching bay.

Considering the general overcast I had an inkling this would lend itself to a high contrast, low key result. I’m satisfied with the end product.


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