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  • Walled Off

    Walled Off

    Located in Wharton State Forest in Hammonton, New Jersey, Batsto Village makes for a great outdoor destination. This historic old iron works town dating back to the 18th century is a portal to the past. It’s an idyllic destination for photographers of all stripes.

  • Roll It Over

    Roll It Over

    Monday, June 19, 2017, saw an outbreak of severe thunderstorms fire up across the Mid-Atlantic. Eager as ever to make some photographs, Weather NJ’s, Jonathan Carr and I made way for Surf City Sunset Park. While things looked good at the outset the storms lost steam as they charged their way across New Jersey toward…

  • First Off

    First Off

    First off I hope everyone enjoyed a relaxing, joyful holiday season, and that you’re primed and pumped for a memorable 2017. Say it with me now two thousand seventeen! Seriously, where does the time go? My brain is still somewhere in April 2007. But such is the way of things. Before we kick things off…

  • Antoinette Only

    Antoinette Only

    Mayhaps, Marie, had the guillotine not intervened and the mechanics of time proved malleable, you may have found sanctuary here. Alas revolutions come and turbulent throngs shall be paid their pound of flesh just as Charon, too, must be paid. Never forget the will of the people, Marie, for they will not forget you. I’m mixing…

  • The Child King’s Throne of Wonder

    Swing, child Go. Pump. Fly. Picture taking has been sparse lately, and while I was hoping to catch a sunset last night it was obvious upon arrival at Surf City Sunset Park the sky was a bust. Jonesing to shoot for the first time in weeks, I first fixed my 50mm and made a few…

  • Still remains

    Stylistically I am drawn to deep brooding imagery crying out to the darker corners of the human condition. For me there is almost always an immediate emotional connection to the pain, an empathy of sorts. You see it is not lost on me that our deepest struggles, our rawest emotions, can fuel the creative process…

  • Out where we cannot be

    Out where we cannot be

    I got wet today folks. That’s right, I did what we shan’t do and fell through the ice. Levy any and all criticisms here, and yes I was immediately reminded of what we all learned from our parents as children. Now, while I was very near to shore and hardly in peril, the ordeal was…