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  • Walled Off

    Walled Off

    Located in Wharton State Forest in Hammonton, New Jersey, Batsto Village makes for a great outdoor destination. This historic old iron works town dating back to the 18th century is a portal to the past. It’s an idyllic destination for photographers of all stripes.

  • Fall Foliage: The Best of Batsto Village in Autumn

    Fall Foliage: The Best of Batsto Village in Autumn

    Batsto Village—Wharton State Forest—Hammonton, New Jersey There’s much to love about New Jersey and its southern pines. But for me Batsto Village in Fall just may hold the Pinelands top spot. Rich in maples, colors come alive transforming this once thriving iron works village into a canvas of orange wonder amidst architecture of an era gone […]

  • Day 4 of 5: This old gristmill

    I’m going to the well once more. Here’s another photograph from the 184 shots I made Saturday afternoon photowalking Batsto Village. For day four of the five day black and white challenge, I went with the old Batsto gristmill we see above. In the interest of full disclosure, I had no idea what a gristmill […]

  • Day 3 of 5: Crossing the line

    When shooting wide angle have some fun working angles in tight spaces. It’s here where these rectilinear lenses really shine. Photowalking Batsto Village yesterday, I poked my nose inside this weird barn-esque pseudo covered bridge type building sided in evenly spaced, repetitive wood slats. I only call it weird because I’ve never seen anything like […]

  • Day 2 of 5: It’s anyone’s story

    Wow that really tells a story. I don’t know what story, but yeah. Some friends and I made our way to Batsto Village this afternoon. Founded in the late 1700s, this preserved iron town is one of the pearls of Wharton State Forest. We, and about four dozen other photographers, made the best of the […]