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  • Walled Off

    Walled Off

    Located in Wharton State Forest in Hammonton, New Jersey, Batsto Village makes for a great outdoor destination. This historic old iron works town dating back to the 18th century is a portal to the past. It’s an idyllic destination for photographers of all stripes.

  • Hit the Pavement

    Hit the Pavement

    Get low. You will come across this command often in your development as a shooter. It is especially common for us plying our trade in the landscape photography niche. Get low. Get the shot. Get the viewer in. Throwing a quick and dirty best guess out into the universe, I would ballpark I make some […]

  • To the Point

    To the Point

    I’m brining it back to last Friday evening on Great Bay Boulevard. To my final set of seven brackets on what was an excellent first fall night. It was only moments earlier I scored this sunset before turning my camera vertical for blue hour. It was in this moment I thought about the past. Vanishing […]

  • Leading Lines and Lazy Misfires

    Leading Lines and Lazy Misfires

    GRUMBLE, GRUMBLE . . . No, original NES Link, I’m not a hungry Goriya looking for a free lunch. Instead I’m just a dude (probably hungry) who’s going to spend a few hundred words whining a bit about what might have been. I like this photograph. I like it more than the one I posted […]

  • Lines in the Pines

    Before settling in to make yesterday’s sunset photo I took a few minutes in admiration of the Pinelands of Stafford Forge set aglow by some pretty serious golden hour light. It’s an open secret that I want more forest shots in my photo stockpile, and considering I live on the southeastern border of the great, […]

  • Litter Knows No Bounds

    Travel anywhere in this world and you won’t have to look hard for the litter to find you. Not that I know this from experience, but so I’ve been told—I’m not really one for wanderlust. This is especially true for those of us living along the coast where our waterways turn into a de facto […]

  • Day 3 of 5: Crossing the line

    When shooting wide angle have some fun working angles in tight spaces. It’s here where these rectilinear lenses really shine. Photowalking Batsto Village yesterday, I poked my nose inside this weird barn-esque pseudo covered bridge type building sided in evenly spaced, repetitive wood slats. I only call it weird because I’ve never seen anything like […]