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  • The Line

    The Line

    What do we make of familiar places contradictorily feeling so foreign and so remote? What aspect of psyche brings this duality to bear? It’s like the discomfort in our own shoes writ large onto geography. It is but land. Nothing more; nothing less. So why do we give it so much power?

  • Walled Off

    Walled Off

    Located in Wharton State Forest in Hammonton, New Jersey, Batsto Village makes for a great outdoor destination. This historic old iron works town dating back to the 18th century is a portal to the past. It’s an idyllic destination for photographers of all stripes.

  • Working Class Hero

    Working Class Hero

    Dutiful honey bee plying her trade. Drinking her nectar and loading her pollen basket, she works with intent. With energy and purpose she minds her craft. Even alone the hive is on the mind. Her community needs her; needs her singular focus to feed and to provide. To sustain the group. Bounding atop pistils by…

  • Courage to Grow

    Courage to Grow

    Hardship is inevitable. It comes sure as a summer storm. Negative energy builds, tensions rise only to bow to the pressure. The storm hits, emotions roil and churn, and then, at the nadir of the struggle, the onslaught slackens. The skies clear and we stand ready to learn, left only with the courage to grow.…

  • Roll It Over

    Roll It Over

    Monday, June 19, 2017, saw an outbreak of severe thunderstorms fire up across the Mid-Atlantic. Eager as ever to make some photographs, Weather NJ’s, Jonathan Carr and I made way for Surf City Sunset Park. While things looked good at the outset the storms lost steam as they charged their way across New Jersey toward…

  • Weather or Not

    Weather or Not

    Strange weather has brought itself to New Jersey. In typical Mid-Atlantic March fashion we’ve seen all four seasons this month and we’ve yet to cross the Ides of March. Yesterday we saw temps approach 70 while today much of the state was greeted with slippery roads and heavy wet snowfall. Once this morning’s system moved…

  • First Off

    First Off

    First off I hope everyone enjoyed a relaxing, joyful holiday season, and that you’re primed and pumped for a memorable 2017. Say it with me now two thousand seventeen! Seriously, where does the time go? My brain is still somewhere in April 2007. But such is the way of things. Before we kick things off…

  • Antoinette Only

    Antoinette Only

    Mayhaps, Marie, had the guillotine not intervened and the mechanics of time proved malleable, you may have found sanctuary here. Alas revolutions come and turbulent throngs shall be paid their pound of flesh just as Charon, too, must be paid. Never forget the will of the people, Marie, for they will not forget you. I’m mixing…

  • Hair Points West

    Hair Points West

    Sometimes a fleeting thought rises up through the dusty burned out barnyard that is my brain and implores me to do more portrait work. Then I quickly remember my own fears and the notion fades faster than a military barber buzzing out a high and tight. It is something I’d like to work on, but…