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  • The Gift of Winter

    The Gift of Winter

    A powerful December sunset smolders deep. Burning yellow, orange red flame reflected atop the derelict ruins of Rands Marina. The entire Great Bay Boulevard Wildlife Management Area salt marsh burns bright as colder temperatures and winter weather approach. Cards on the table this is my best sunset photograph in five years.

  • Ice World Ignition

    Ice World Ignition

    Ice, snow, disused docks, and a high power sunset reflecting on frozen bay water bring wintertime drama to Great Bay Boulevard.

  • Blue Steps

    Blue Steps

    A serene blue hour settles in over disused docks and reflective, glassy bay water.

  • Derelict


    The twin forces of time and water erode a once proud place of recreation and enterprise. Torn asunder in Sandy’s rage, the derelict of Rand’s continues to degrade. The months pass and the irresistible force of nature reclaims as it is wont. In the absence of human intervention the twin forces return the natural order.…

  • Cracked and Cruel

    Cracked and Cruel

    Poring over Lightroom this morning with a fresh set of eyes it seems a solid chance I will publish upward of four photographs from yesterday’s Great Bay Boulevard golden hour shoot. While the initial shot I posted happened right in the thick of ever changing weather, I thought it best to post the remainder of…

  • Blue Window to the Soul

    Blue Window to the Soul

    There’s little doubt Rand’s Marina has rocketed up my list of favorite spots to photograph. The cedar pole and bay water combination provides plentiful foreground opportunities, and it’s compositionally strengthened with derelict dock remnants in the middle ground backlit by marsh, clouds, and sky background. It’s just a great space for making landscapes. While this…

  • I Wonder

    I Wonder

    I wonder what the future holds Hope or fear light or dark untold Uncertain what the day will bring Nighttime darkness turns and sings Tread lone to sole’s despair Shine and polish to soul’s repair Ardent and forward to set things right Walk back round to find the light Stark and full and wrought with…

  • We Face the Path of Time

    We Face the Path of Time

    I’m still basking in the glow of last night’s awesomesauce. And as much as I like the photograph posted last night, this one beats it out ever so slightly as far as I’m concerned. I realize we’re splitting hairs here and traipsing into the realm of subjectivity. But that’s all part of the fun—it doesn’t…

  • Lift the Veil

    The Weather Gods hath decide to play a cold grey trick on we the residents of coastal New Jersey. After what was a perfect Memorial Day Weekend, the cold, the grey, and the rains have set in. Of course on a macro level while this precipitation is most welcome—drought has been creeping in—it does cramp…