Sunset photo over frozen Barnegat Bay in Harvey Cedars, NJ.

Sand to Snow

Sunset photo over frozen Barnegat Bay in Harvey Cedars, NJ.
Sand to Snow — 14mm | f/8 | ISO 100 | EXP 1/15

Harvey Cedars locked in ice. A beach paradise locked and bound in frozen bonds of wind driven snow, ice and unstoppable cold. The arctic has found its way south and wrought with it a landscape better tuned to penguins.

Trudging through Harvey Cedars Sunset Park I felt myself alternating discomfort and awe. Foremost was the wonderment. I strode incredulous among magnificent shapes carved by the master hand of wind driven snow. Three to six foot mounds of stratified snow dunes in all directions. Features that would look more at home marking the desert sands. The juxtaposition made more striking contrasted against wide swaths of grass and stone blown free of any trace of snow. This is mind-boggling considering the foot plus that dropped up and down the New Jersey coast less than 24 hours ago. As the snow was busying itself building mesmerizing drifts it was leaving whole swathes of park untouched. Never before have my eyes seen its equal.

Enhancing the displaced winter landscape was the transformation of Barnegat Bay. This familiar waterway left frozen solid and topped with reticulated patterns stretching to the horizon. Any vestige of the summer paradise fell away as it bent the knee before the reign of ice.

Through my wonder a crippling west wind carrying biting cold air tested my limits. Setting up to shoot headfirst into 20 mph sustained winds posed a threat to exposed skin. Despite my layers and heavy dress I struggled for comfort. In a battle of diminishing returns against a relentless enemy I made a few dozen exposures over span of 45 minutes. I will share one or two more photographs in the coming days. In the meantime I am off to thaw a replay the magic frozen before me.

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5 responses to “Sand to Snow”

  1. Joseph Somers Avatar
    Joseph Somers

    I must tell you how much I enjoy and appreciate your photographic work. Whenever I have traveled the country or abroad and engaged someone in conversation about New Jersey, I have tried to paint a picture of the unknown areas such as you have captured. Most will never see or experience these wonders including our own state residents. The beauty of the sunsets, shore line, bays, rivers and Pinelands needs to be on display. I hope at some point in time your photographic art has a forum which brings this wonderful landscape to a wider audience. Keep up the very good work.

  2. natasha Avatar

    Stunning. Unreal. And perfect in every way. Love especially the grasses… Thanks for braving the temps. Didn’t know
    such landscapes existed on earth.

  3. Greg Molyneux Avatar

    Hi, Joesph. Thanks for stopping by and sharing this feedback. I’m most glad to hear my work is connecting as I best intend it—to show New Jersey beauty otherwise obscured by stereotype and assumption. I will keep plugging away and sharing my work. With any luck I will continue to improve my skills, and connect with more people to help reshape opinions even if only a little. Cheers!

  4. Greg Molyneux Avatar

    Hi, Natasha. As a photographer there is no better feeling than capturing a scene that shines a light on the beauty of certain landscape under otherwise rare circumstances. Having the perfect storm of beach sand, wind blown snow and frozen bay at sunset brings that all together here. Thanks again for stopping by.

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