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  • On Peonies

    On Peonies

    Peonies are synonymous with the ephemeral nature of spring. Full of anticipation. Here for a moment; gone in an instant. Only to cycle back around next year. Certainly with more lessons to teach us.

  • Make It Home

    Make It Home

    Seek inspiration in all places. Be present, and set yourself up for success. For far too long I neglected creating a proper workspace. Worse yet is I had he time and resources to change it. Of course the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, and the second best time is today.…

  • Best Photographs of 2023

    Best Photographs of 2023

    Another year of too few photographs. New Jersey landscape and nature photographer, Greg Molyneux, shares his three best landscape and macro photographs made throughout 2023.

  • Hi, Biscus

    Hi, Biscus

    It is 31 December and I am out of days. It looks like this will be the last backlog photograph I get to post in 2023. So let’s roll back to 5 September and my backyard hibiscus. Not a ton of floral macro work this year, so it feels good to close out the year…

  • Time Marches On

    Time Marches On

    2024 coming in hot! At this point years flip about as fast as single pages on a tear away calendar. It’s a gift to grow old. An opportunity to experience the relativity of time mounting years speed ever swifter.

  • Path of Gold

    Path of Gold

    Over a decade of photography and I finally found a great new spot close to home. Feast your eyes on a sunlit wooded trail at golden hour. I look forward to many years of exploration and photographs. I look forward to capturing this spot in snow.

  • The Morning Look

    The Morning Look

    Here I take a moment to both relish in a rare (for me) sunrise photograph, and the joy in panning my shot for some motion blur landscape abstraction. In the written work, I take to explaining what it is about panning that pleases my tastes so well. I break it down to four areas: color,…

  • Fish On

    Fish On

    2023 has proven a banner year of fall run striped bass fishing up and down New Jersey beaches. While I have no bass to show for it, it’s been great to get back out there with family and friends. Pictured here is my cousin, Dan Molyneux, plugging for striper at sunrise off the beaches of…

  • On the Fringe

    On the Fringe

    Hi, friends! Here’s a 14mm HDR photo of a sunset over Cedar Run Dock Road’s salt marsh. Tropical Storm Ophelia spun overrunning cirrus clouds as the storm’s outer bands approached the mid-Atlantic coast and gave New Jersey two days of great sunsets.

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