Mirrored Worlds

A long exposure photograph taken during blue hour overlooking the lake at Stafford Forge Wildlife Management Area. The picture creates a near perfect mirrored reflection.
Mirrored Worlds — 14mm | f/8 | ISO 50 | EXP 121 sec

Pictures aside thank you Daylight Savings Time. It’s a real victory being able to chase light and photograph after the long commute home. It changes the game for me as extended weekday shooting is back in the fold.

I had some time to kill before dinner tonight—and in the interest of full disclosure, dinner tonight consisted of pepper steak at the folks’—I quickly hemmed and hawed over the beach or Stafford Forge as I grabbed my gear and loaded the car. Once I remembered we were negotiating evening high tides all along Long Beach Island, I opted for the Forge. Long exposure jetty rock tidal pictures will just have to wait.

Some quick thoughts on the ND filter:

  • Set up is more laborious—especially with the care needed in handling the filter so as to be sans prints (fingers)
  • Loading in the outer slot and leaving the inner slot empty will cause light leaks
  • The filter itself seems to cast a blue hue; not certain if it’s common but the filter’s not as neutral as its name would suggest
  • Enjoying the challenge—gonna be a bit before I get something really gripping





3 responses to “Mirrored Worlds”

  1. Nanette ditzel Avatar
    Nanette ditzel

    Love your pic. Would love to buy some prints

  2. Greg Molyneux Avatar
    Greg Molyneux

    Hi Nanette—thanks for the kind words and support. Regarding prints: my intention is to begin selling prints—hopefully through the website—over the next couple of months. I still need to sort out a few finer points but check back for future updates.

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