I’ve got the time

An HDR photograph taken over the front lake at the Stafford Forge Wildlife Management Area. This photograph features a foreground of long yellow grasses and a large fallen branch with a stunning background sunset radiating through middle ground clouds. Atop the image, barren branches frame out the scene.
I’ve got the time — 14mm | f/8 | ISO 100 | 7 Bracketed Exposures

I took my time leaving work today. There were no pressing needs at home and pictures were not on my radar. As I walked to my car I felt good about my leisure pace, there were no clouds to be had, and, ostensibly, no worthwhile sunset to chase.

Time to drive.

And drive.

62 miles of drive. Each way. But hey, who’s counting?

People usually balk at the distance, and right fully so. Me? I mostly shrug it off and enjoy the four wheels of solitude.

I was 30 miles from home when I first caught glimpse of a solid cloud layer off in the distance. I unscientifically gauged this as being right over my town. 25 miles later would reveal my best guess was correct. Only I was up against the clock.

6:23: Seven miles from home and running against a 7:04 sunset. Knowing I needed to stop home called for haste—I immediately settled on Stafford Forge, a 12 minute drive door to lake. Making it the closest in my sunset rotation.

6:32: enter driveway. Quickly I toss aside my work bag inside—OK, it’s a satchel—and grab my camera, tripod, ND filter (would later prove unnecessary), sweatshirt and jacket. Oh, and I ditched the loafers.

6:36: exit driveway.

6:48: arrival.

Bored with my usual Forge setup, I eyed a little patch of woods near the park entrance. Camera in hand I worked through the branches and settled in under a tree. Overlooking the lake with long yellow grasses and a fallen branch in my foreground I knew I had my spot. I dashed back to the car for my tripod, got set up, dialed in and made my bracketed exposures. Above is the result.





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