A path in the pines

Manahawkin photographer Greg Molyneux's black and white photograph of a snowy trail turning off to the left in the Pinelands. This photograph features a grainy treatment and stark black and white contrast juxtaposing the light and dark. All light focuses on the path.
A path in the pines — 40mm | f/4 | ISO 100 | EXP 1/640

Yesterday morning I woke up to a late season South Jersey Special. Which is to say we received about 6 inches of snow in Manahawkin while the good folks to the north (about 40 miles) saw next to nothing. You win some, you lose some in New Jersey. Wanting to make the most of the fresh fallen snow my buddy and I made for the Pinelands. After about 3 abrupt U-turns we pulled down a small little trail.

I started the shoot with my 40mm pancake lens—it seems like months since I’ve taken it for a spin. Not far from the truck I quickly framed up a shot, focusing on the trail that doglegs to the left back behind the pines. It advances the story and leads us wondering what’s around the bend. I didn’t know it at the time but this would wind up as my shot of the day. Different from my usual style, this grainy black and white calls for your attention at simply cuts out the rest.





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