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  • Respite


    What we do when our hobbies teeter on the brink? When the plateau lasts so long the urge to press on becomes as flat and indiscernible as the far off horizon. How do we get our mojo back?

  • The Line

    The Line

    What do we make of familiar places contradictorily feeling so foreign and so remote? What aspect of psyche brings this duality to bear? It’s like the discomfort in our own shoes writ large onto geography. It is but land. Nothing more; nothing less. So why do we give it so much power?

  • Peace Where We Can

    Peace Where We Can

    It’s been hard to relax these past few years. No one needs me to cite the manifold reasons why. More important is we stay humble and open, and apply ourselves to finding peace wherever we can. This is how we overcome together. So be kind and gentle—and let’s go Yanks!

  • The Sea Moves

    The Sea Moves

    Let’s explore a photography technique that intentionally introduces motion blur into the finished image. Combine steady hands, confident, steady motion and a lazy shutter to produce stunning minimalist photographs. The effect of motion brings a painterly touch to heighten the drama.

  • Our Light Fades

    Our Light Fades

    The shortest day of the year is here. December 21, 2019, marks the winter solstice. Eager to chase light and document this celestial event, it is not lost on me how nature and the broader world mirror my own darkness. Yet as it it will forever be, light will rise in the east come to…

  • Gradient


    Blue hour, day glow, motion blur, and striking reflections mark the scene on Little Egg Harbor bay.

  • Golden Glow Before the Snow

    Golden Glow Before the Snow

    You could say this photograph is the golden calm before the white storm. The spring tease before the winter freeze. Today southern New Jersey danced with the upper 60s but make no mistake—winter is coming. Here in the Mid-Atlantic we find ourselves sandwiched between unseasonably warm air, an arctic air mass, and a boatload of…

  • Goodbye Sun

    Goodbye Sun

    Welcome back to Standard Time!—ugh. If you’ll allow me this moment for an airing of grievances. No fan am I of the cyclical cessation of Daylight Savings Time. Being a veteran on team Not A Morning Person I need to milk as much evening daylight as possible. Were it up to me we’d bask in…

  • Southside on the Bayside

    I’ve got 18.6 miles of opportunity just to my east. It’s time I embrace it. Long Beach Island is a wonderful place—and now that I’ve found purpose by way of camera—I want to connect with my geographic neighbor better. See it in a better light if you’ll excuse me the super cheesy phrase. Particularly I…