These are the times that revive men’s souls

Intense pastels color the undulating clouds in this spectacular HDR sunset photograph over a frozen Barnegat Bay.
These are the times that revive men’s souls — 14mm | f/8 | ISO 100 | 7 Bracketed Exposures

Or maybe it’s just the polar infused westerlies smacking me in the face doing the reviving?

It was cold tonight. Anyone stuck in the Mid-Atlantic to Northeast knows this—and has for sometime if you discount yesterday’s false spring. But when it produces this kind of light the biting cold can just keep on riding that polar express right over my head (and in the face).

Come 4 p.m. a fairly unusual cloud pattern began setting up across the sky, funneling a unique set of undulating clouds from the southwest horizon. Earnestly marching from a single point of origin, a quick visual scan showed just how this active air was roiling and distorting the clouds with the polar jet’s turbulence rendering a captivating visual result. It was clear in an instant this cloudage coupled with the reinforcing shot of arctic air was cooking up a recipe of near guaranteed sunset success. And when that happens, it doesn’t matter how cold it is—the blood starts pumping, the pulse starts to quicken and the time dilation exacerbates as the excitement of a total payoff washes over you.

Nights like tonight are precisely why I do this.

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