You have no power here

An icy handrail makes for an interesting macro shot with the setting sun over the bay off in the distance left of a sharp focused icicle.
You have no power here — 100mm | f/5.6 | ISO 100 | EXP 1/1250

I’ve been spending much more time shooting on Long Beach Island of late. It’s the ice in particular that has brought me there. There’s just something to that juxtaposition of Winter’s grip imposing its will on Summer’s paradise.

Yesterday brought me to Surf City, Harvey Cedars and Barnegat Light. And while I did most of my shooting with my cellphone, I did manage to train my macro lens on this icy railing staring straight into the setting sun. In my own head, the primary icicle reminds of my love of maps that began as wee lad. All I see is the penninsula of Cape May County, New Jersey jutting southward, driving Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean apart.

A tip of the old cap to Jon Carr for calling out the railing. Were it not for his instance I most certainly would not have bothered. You can see his interpretation here.





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