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  • Slow it down

    Tonight was a tease. All signs pointed toward a top notch sunset: rolling storm clouds, a clearing westward cloud deck, and even some small rainbows dancing about the horizon. The ground and houses were awash in a fierce golden light and the anticipation was on. Heh. So much for that. A last minute wall of […]

  • Hear me

    Update: Thanks to @dpalamino from Twitter I’ve learned this flower is a crocus. Here’s another shot from yesterday’s brief photo session. Bonus points if anyone can identify this flower for me. Onward with the black and white binge—I knew straight away I’d at least have to give this a look sans color. To that end, I needed […]

  • A path in the pines

    Yesterday morning I woke up to a late season South Jersey Special. Which is to say we received about 6 inches of snow in Manahawkin while the good folks to the north (about 40 miles) saw next to nothing. You win some, you lose some in New Jersey. Wanting to make the most of the […]

  • Low tide allowance

    Today’s photo excursion began in Harvey Cedars, moved to Surf City, and ended in Ship Bottom. Harvey Cedars and Surf City were total busts as it seems Long Beach Island is now near void of exposed jetty rock. This is for the best environmentally as the beaches have been built up and reinforced by a […]

  • A new place to play

    My buddy Jon and I had some time to kill and set out for some photo-exploring. Initially targeting the Barnegat Lighthouse, we made way to Long Beach Island and turned north. Approaching our final destination we made a quick pit stop at an area Barnegat Light bay beach. Unremarkable on its own, that beach told […]

  • Testing the water

    For months now I’ve had my eye on an ND filter. I’ve been coveting the sublime long exposure work of talented fine art photographers and hoped to someday begin learning their craft and working it into my repertoire. After a bit of research—and some savings—I figured out everything I’d need to get a filter mounted […]

  • A subtle loss of clarity

    Yesterday—this being posted a day late—was shaping up as one of those sunsets that look good on paper. A quick look out the window 90 minutes prior to the sun’s scheduled egress looked promising; bountiful clouds with dramatic bottom-side shadows littered the sky. I was pleased. Yet as it has done so many times before, […]

  • Snow noir

    Nighttime snow will forever mean one thing: incessant checking of the streetlights for evidence—and intensity—of falling snow. Snow lovers know what I’m talking about. This winter has been somewhat vexing. There’s been plenty of snow but not enough opportunity for my camera and me to exploit it. With tonight’s passing clipper, I was not to […]

  • Kicking Around on a Piece of Ground in your Home Town

    I remember photographing this Small Blue butterfly like it was yesterday. She made for the most patient of subjects, giving me a solid five minutes to position, hone in and shoot. I intentionally underexposed for a low key effect, and then in post processing with Sliver Efex Pro 2 I bumped up the brightness on […]