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  • See to the real you

    It wasn’t until showering this morning—OK. OK. This afternoon. So what if I like to sleep a little late?—that I realized I totally forgot about this photo. Taken in my backyard all the way back on May 24th I processed this baby up and apparently moved on to other things. Cripes. Memorial Day parties to […]

  • Here be Dragons

    Here be Dragons

    I’m a Game of Thrones fan. I’m a macro fan. I’m a black and white fan. So for my money here goes the trifecta. I know many folks appreciate my wide angle landscapes—the sweeping shots of the dramatic sunsets that readily pop-up along the Jersey shore. Those are great, and I love getting out there […]

  • Public Health Hazard

    Obligatory Disclaimer Alert: Kids, don’t be like this hobo hipster wizard. Smoking is bad for your health. This past Thursday longtime pal, ceramicist, glass blower and acoustic romanticist, Jeff Ruemeli, invited us over to the LBI Foundation of the Arts & Sciences to check out this here soda kiln firing he’s been waxing poetic about […]

  • Trail Rides and Snowy Pines

    If literal titles are your thing, this post is for you. In a shocking turn of events I woke up early this morning. 5:00 a.m. to be precise. Outside of snowfall and fishing, it’s a tall order to release me from the grip of my warm bed during morning hours. Unless we’re talking about work—which […]

  • Meet Mack, Beagle Bulldog Puppy Mix Master

    Female canines you have been put on notice. This little guy’s just about as cute as can be, and he’s got the smooth disposition to match. I mean just look at that furrowed brow and those eyes. This is one awesome dog. While I regret to inform you Mack is not my own, he is, […]

  • Symbol of Strength

    To better set the stage take a watch—and listen—to the snow bands and high winds that slammed into Barnegat Lighthouse Monday night. Please excuse my shaky hands. Taken a the top of the 10 o’clock hour, I tucked in low and close along the concrete seawall that runs all the way out into the inlet. […]

  • Today some snow happened

    Up until about 4 hours it was hardly the season for snow lovers. Not for those of us living in New Jersey, anyway. But with today’s Clipper and the threat of this weekend’s Nor’easter, times they are a changing. Being a photographer and a snow lover, stopping to take pictures on my way to dinner […]

  • Timeworn

    The late day sun was pouring in. Casting a splendid glow upon the withered remains of my Japanese maple leaves. I’ve got a hundred or so of these bad boys that refuse to let go and find their final resting place in the dirt. At about an inch and a half in size these tenacious […]

  • A change in the weather

    Holgate, New Jersey. Back to where it all began. This is the photograph. The date? January 1, 2012. I didn’t know it at the time, but this began a 365 day (366, it was a leap year) photo project that would later transform into a full on passion. I am thankful for life and its […]

  • Day 5 of 5: Take a walk

    Here it is, folks. My last shot for the #fivedayblackandwhitechallenge. It’s been a fun departure from my standard photographic modus operandi, but with that said I’m ready to get back to my usual photo grind. Thanks for hanging with me during this brief divergence from the status quo. Day 1 | Day 2 | Day […]