See to the real you

High key black and white macro photograph of a clematis flower
See to the real you — 100mm | f/2.8 | ISO 100 | EXP 1/250

It wasn’t until showering this morning—OK. OK. This afternoon. So what if I like to sleep a little late?—that I realized I totally forgot about this photo. Taken in my backyard all the way back on May 24th I processed this baby up and apparently moved on to other things. Cripes. Memorial Day parties to host, work to pay the bills and exercise the mind, and naps. But mostly naps.

So here it is, mid-June and my clematis is finally getting its due. It’s certainly not my typical macro, but every now and then a high key black and white treatment on a flower photograph is just what the doctor ordered. And while this exposure doesn’t reach the heights of I’d love to see you in that dress, it does slot in nicely among my past work.





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