Meet Mack, Beagle Bulldog Puppy Mix Master

An adorable low key black and white portrait photograph of a Beagle-British Bulldog puppy mix named Mack, with a red 'Angry Birds' squeak toy between his paws.
Meet Mack, Beagle Bulldog Puppy Mix Master — 50mm | f/1.4 | ISO 5000 | EXP 1/800

Female canines you have been put on notice. This little guy’s just about as cute as can be, and he’s got the smooth disposition to match. I mean just look at that furrowed brow and those eyes. This is one awesome dog.

While I regret to inform you Mack is not my own, he is, however, the latest fur-child welcomed into the loving home of my cousin and his most wonderful bride. Mack joins his two big brothers—Rottweiler and Pit Bull—and is never one to back down; rolling his fur up, getting down and dirty wrestling with the big boys. Between naps and play fights, Mack enjoys cuddles, snuggles, head butts and red Angry Birds squeak toys. I also hear he likes chess, but I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

He’s melted all of our hearts, and now he can melt yours.





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